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Window Cleaning Perth

As one of the windiest cities in the world, everyone in Perth knows that your windows can get dirty pretty quickly and require regular cleaning. This is where our Window Cleaning Perth team comes in. Homes around Perth are often 10-20 years old and require a professional window cleaner to quickly and efficiently remove possibly years of dirt and dirt.

STB Window Cleaners always have incredible attention to detail and experience required for high-quality window cleaning. If you have your windows cleaned properly by our qualified and fully insured team, you are sure to be surprised to see the results.

We recommend that you plan your window cleaning for a time when rain is forecast to ensure that your windows stay clean for as long as possible. We take our time cleaning your glass, frames, and tracks. This ensures that the window frame is free of stains, greases, and cobwebs.

Our team has high cleaning standards and expectations, so it is important to us that your window cleanings are executed and delivered promptly and professionally. Our window cleaners are able to maintain the windows in their original condition and structure and work as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.

If you are fed up with dirty windows spoiling the look of your house and do not have enough time or energy to clean them, you can contact STB Cleaning today!