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Residential, Commercial or Construction Window Cleaning

Did you know anyone can be a ‘professional’ window cleaner?  All you need is a ladder, a soapy bowl of water, and a squeegee and you can start your own business.  That’s right….there is no accreditation or association to prove your window cleaner has any experience or uses quality equipment.  And what about safety?  How do you know your window cleaner has the qualifications to work at heights or use a platform safely, or even has the right insurance?

So when you’re looking for a Commercial or Residential window cleaner, it pays to do your homework!

At STB Cleaning, with over 10 years in business, all our cleaners have full police clearance, as well as working at heights and elevated work platform accreditation.

We pride ourselves on having the best equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely. We can work on buildings up to five stories with our Ionic Water Fed pole system, guaranteeing a spot-free finish! Without blowing our own trumpet (much!), you’ll need to be careful you don’t walk into doors after an STB window clean……your windows will be cleaner than you’ve ever seen them!!

Using some fancy words, we use a Reverse Osmosis & Deionisation process, as well as a 4-stage filtering system, ensuring the water we use on your windows is clean!  So many window cleaners are just smearing dirty water around right!? (link to an external site for this equipment).

So don’t leave your window cleaning to chance.  Get STB Cleaning to do a spot-free clean….the first time, every time.

Residential services include:

  • Thorough clean inside and out
  • Frames, Tracks and Flyscreens on request
  • Single or Multi-Storey (up to 5 storey’s high)
  • Pool Fences & Glass Balustrades

Commercial & Construction services include:

  • Commercial offices & Glass partitioning
  • Large retail & showroom windows (e.g. car dealerships)
  • Restaurants and Eateries
  • Single or Multi-Storey

And don’t forget we can also clean your gutters. It makes sense to get your windows cleaned after your gutters - have you ever seen windows after a gutter clean?! So, ask us about combining cleaning services to get the best possible value from STB.

When it comes to any work you want to be done on your residential or commercial property, anywhere in Perth, do your homework!  If you want professional excellence and great customer service, look no further than STB Cleaning.

window cleaning perth
window cleaning perth
window cleaning perth
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