Mould Remediation & Flood Restoration

Mould Remediation & Flood Restoration - For When The Unexpected Happens!

Even though Western Australia has a dry climate for most of the year, summer and winter storms can cause major damage across Perth suburbs and flooding is more common than you might think.  Your home is also at risk of flooding from broken pipes - so flooded carpets and carpet mould are an unwelcome hazard when unexpected events cause a flood at your property.  Employing a professional for your clean up can save you plenty of time and worry down the track.

mould remediation & flood restoration | stb cleaning - dehumidifiers and air movers - york

At STB cleaning, we have a wealth of experience in flood restoration and mould remediation. We carry the specialised equipment required to safely clean up after a flood, and reduce the risk of carpet mould at your property.  We also understand that even a small amount of flooding can result in mould growth, so think of us when looking for mould remeditation services.

Mould is a real hazard. It’s important to fully remove any dampness in your flooded carpets as quickly as possible.  If mould takes hold, it releases tiny spores into the air that can cause serious health problems. At STB we have a specialised process when assisting with your wet carpet restoration, applying anti-bacterial solutions to treat visible or hidden mould.

If you do experience a flood emergency, time is the most important factor.  If you can extract the water and dry the area quickly, you are more likely to have a better outcome and less chance of mould, and water can damage not only furniture but even the structure of your home.

Here are some helpful tips on what to do in the event of flooding:

  1. Act quickly. Turn off your electricity power supply at the meter, and in the case of broken pipes, turn off the water supply to your home.
  2. Contact your insurance company to advise them of the situation.mould remediation & flood restoration | stb cleaning - dehumidifiers and air movers - york
  3. Move any furniture items that can be salvaged.
  4. Extract the water as soon as possible. We recommend you find a professional with the right equipment, as this can save a lot of time and worry.
  5. Thoroughly dry and then treat the area to ensure mould doesn’t take hold.

Flooding can be a traumatic life event for you and your family.  Having a professional you can trust for your carpet restoration and mould remediation can give you peace of mind at such a stressful time. Find out more about Mould and Condensation

Give Steve a call 24/7 on 0420 731 775 or contact us if you need support in the event of a flood.  At STB, we are happy to help.

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