Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning, Love it or hate it, it needs doing!

It goes without saying, every house or property has a roof (pretty essential really!) – and every roof has a gutter system.  And every gutter needs to be cleaned….regularly.  However, it’s one of those maintenance jobs that everybody loves to hate!

But the consequences of not cleaning your gutters can be devastating.  Worst case scenario, water overflow due to blocked gutters can cause substantial structural and roof damage.  Double-check your insurance policy too, as often water damage due to gutters is not insured!

And beware, it’s not just winter rain that can cause a disaster, gutters blocked with dry leaves and branches in the middle of a hot Perth summer, can be a high-risk fire hazard.

The solution?  Get STB to regularly maintain your gutters on a six-monthly basis. Using the best quality specialised equipment, and with an emphasis on safety, STB ensures a thorough clean, with great customer service, every time.

STB has fully trained operators with police clearance and Working At Height accreditation to ensure the maintenance of your most valuable asset – your home.

Don’t risk costly damage occurring from blocked gutters that could cost you thousands. Get your gutters regularly cleaned with STB.

And if you’ve ever seen the mess gutter cleaning can make, consider combining cleaning services.  We can offer window cleaning or high pressure cleaning, to bring a fresh new look to your home.  Talk to us today!

gutter cleaning
gutter cleaning
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