Carpet Cleaning Services

If you are looking for professional carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning system has been proven to completely, quickly and cost-effectively clean, renew and revitalize your carpet and floor. With professional carpet cleaning equipment, we offer the ability to clean every area of the with the highest quality cleaning products and equipment available.

Our effective cleaning systems remove more dirt and dirt from commercial carpets than any other cleaning system. Giving you better quality and longer-lasting carpets.

During carpet cleaning, we remove or lift any hanging objects that might have been pushed by cleaning staff who normally go backwards during work.

Stain-Free Carpet Cleaning Services

We help to keep your carpet clean and stain-free and extend its life span over years. Our professional carpet cleaning services can not only extend the life of your carpets, but also keep them in prime condition.

carpet cleaning services

At STB Cleaning we offer gentle cleaning services that keep your carpets fresh and beautiful without the hassle of other cleaning methods. Whether you are a business owner who needs a regular commercial carpet cleaning service for your business or office, or a homeowner who tries to keep a carpet allergen, pet and food free, there are many options.

Although we know that not all households have the same cleaning needs, you will find that we can handle a mixture of pet, stain and cleaning removal.

**You will want to clean your carpets professionally every 12 – 18 months and even need a 10-year guarantee on our carpet cleaning to maintain it. You should check your rug warranty to ensure that you never use a product that invalidates the rug warranty.**

**If you can specify exact measurements and descriptions, we will be able to specify a price for our services. Contact us today for a quote

Steven Weston

We provide a high level of cleaning services throughout Perth! We have our trained, professional and experienced cleaning technicians, promising you a high-quality cleaning service.

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